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Bryan Teoh

Bryan Teoh is a New York composer, and long time survivor of the New York music scene. He can be hired for local gigs that require classical guitar, viol de gamba, and/or 8-bit and glitch performances.

Alexander Nakarada

Alexander Nakarada is a full blood viking from the cold north a.k.a. Norway. At some point during his teenage years, he realized that instead of raiding and plundering, he wanted to compose music. The Chieftain then banned him from the village, and he moved to the countryside to fulfill his dream.

Ever since, he's been composing music for TV, radio, games, theater and more, in addition to running the website www.serpentsoundstudios.com where he's giving away his non-exclusive work for the people.

Rafael Krux

Rafael Krux is a music composer based in orchestral and hybrid styled music, all the way from small comedy cues to epic orchestral and hybrid orchestral tracks. He has composed for various commercials, trailers, video games, tv shows and dozens of other indie projects like: Leah Remini show, Americas Next Top Model, video game Acaratus, Chinese Miss Beauty contest and many more.

Check out his site at Orchestralis.net

Kevin MacLeod

Kevin writes a lot of music that is used in lots of video games, movies, tv shows, YouTube videos, bus stations, theme parks, and pretty much anywhere there is music. You've probably heard his work. Kevin often enjoys a nice cheese (both figurative and literal).

Frank Nora

Frank Nora works as a graphic designer in NYC. He records his podcast, The Overnightscape, during his commute - rambling about pop culture, food, technology, the occult, and anything else that crosses his mind. He began producing public domain music because it's a resource he was looking to use on his show - and discovered there was very little to be found.

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