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Important Notes

You may not reassert copyright on the materials that have already have been placed into the Public Domain. Well... you can try, but legally, it won't work.

Everything here is provided "as is", free of charge. No warranties are made for the appropriateness of anything. Every effort has been made to make sure this music is in the Public Domain - and original sources are given so that you can check for yourself.

These audio files may be freely reproduced, distributed, transmitted, used, modified, built upon, or otherwise exploited by anyone for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hey, you wrote some of this stuff... Why are you dedicating these works to the Public Domain?
I produce a lot of audio content, and post much of it to my main site at After a number of years, and many many downloads - some pieces are clearly not commercially viable in the traditional sense, and just add clutter which hinders people in finding the pieces that they may want.
Into the Public Domain they go! I do not believe music that is not commercially viable has no value - and I would like the music to find as much potential as possible.

Can I request a piece of music?
Seriously? Did you ask that? Everything is free and gratis and libre, and you want more? No. I do not accept requests for music to be dedicated to the Public Domain. I have an idea! Why don't you record it and send it to me!

Do I need to attribute the music in my work?
No. There are no restrictions on usage. You may choose to attribute to the listed composer, but it is not required.

Why are you so snarky?
Why is your mom so snarky?

Why does so much of the electronic music sound dated?
Because you didn't give me anything better.

Can I remix the music here, and sell it?
You will have copyright on the derivative work. At that point it becomes a new piece, and you may do whatever you like with it.

Can I hold you legally responsible for all this stuff?
No. I just collect. I do not guarantee anything. Research the source if you have questions. Or call your laywer. Or - given the complexity of copyright - call a psychic. It'll probably do about as much good... I'm pretty sure your lawyer doesn't specialize in copyright law.

I don't understand this site.
That is not a question.

Then why was it listed on your FAQ?
Because without it, this question would make no sense.

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